Keeping the people we serve Safe, protecting your property, people, assets and having pace of mind are all paramount when it comes to your security program. That is why Atlas Security Services was established, we know that being a top security company meant providing responsive, actionable, customizable security solution that is in tune with the current situation in Iraq. That meets your security needs and goals. We are a quality-based result-oriented security company.
    You need a professional security service provider that keeps you safe, at Alas security services we have over 30 years combined operational experience, with over 12 years of operation in Iraq, our spotless record speaks volume for our professionalism and dedication to our client’s, community, and local authorities, with numerous commendation and letters of appreciation from both privet and government sectors.
    If you’re looking for a partnership that has your safety, security and peace of mind its #1 priority look no further Atlas Security services is a fully licensed and insured security provider.

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